The way we metabolize food and where we lay down fat changes with our hormone levels during Peri-menopause and if ever there was a time to change how you think about food, weight and how you nourish and treat your body, this is it.

The old way of calories in vs calories out may not work as well anymore, It's much more about balancing hormones, what you put in and to some extend, WHEN

With a greater risk of chronic conditions and major health problems after menopause such as

  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Dementia
  • Heart Disease

Eating a nutritious, balanced diet and making the switch to whole foods and away from processed 'food' is more important than ever

This plan is easy to follow, full of exciting recipes and even provides you with a shopping list with meat and diary free alternatives

All recipes are low carb, free from refined sugar and have macro information

Let this plan be your guide over the next week and beyond


I'm Rebecca and I am a Menopause Coach, Nutritional Therapist, and a qualified Personal Trainer

My goal is to help women live a healthy life through education on nutrition, fitness, female health and mindset so they can make informed choices

I've always been interested in health and gained my Nutritional qualification in 2011, my work with clients led me to become a Personal Trainer in 2018 and I focused on working with women until the pandemic via my Strive Health Consultancy

In 2019 I turned 50 and my own menopause hit me seeming from nowhere and made me realise how uneducated and ill prepared I was, how did I not know what was coming?

I decided to educate myself and make sure I was qualified to educate and coach other women and it’s become a big passion for me to change the narrative and taboo around menopause and women’s health


My wish is for you to have an Empowered Menopause


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